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Completed Projects


We have implemented various projects related to institutional strengthening and natural resource management with support from International donors, NABARD, CSR partnerships, the Government of India and the Government of Andhra Pradesh. These projects have improved Natural Resource Management and better living standards for local communities.

1. Rayalaseema Watershed Development Project

Jana Jagruthi (JJ) has successfully implemented this project with funding and technical support from The Center for World Solidarity (CWS), Hyderabad. The budget outlay for the project was Rs 0.40 crore.


  • 110 families

  • 4 villages

  • The area treated 1500 ha


2. Safe Drinking Water and Health

The project provided safe drinking water to safeguard the health of the people living in the villages of JJ's operational area. Water Aid-UK supported the project with a budget of 0.70 crore.



  • 921 families

  • 18 villages                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 3. APRLP Watersheds

The Government of Andhra Pradesh sanctioned this project under the Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihood Project (APRLP). JJ implemented the project in 52 villages of Tanakallu mandal with a budget of about Rs.3 crore.



  • 2468 families

  • 52 villages

  • 5 Watersheds

  • The area treated 4500 ha

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4. DPAP Watersheds

As part of the Drought Prone Area Program (DPAP), the government of Andhra Pradesh has funded this watershed project in Tanakallu Mandal, Anantapuram district, with a budget of Rs.0.35 crore.


  • 430 families 

  • 8 villages 

  • 2 Watersheds 

  • The Area treated 1200 ha 

5. Comprehensive Land Development Program (CLDP)

The Government of Andhra Pradesh funded the project under the Comprehensive Land Development Program (CLDP), implemented within the Tanakallu Mandal, with an Rs. 1.15 crore budget. The project aims to bring in technical reforms under the institutional framework. The promoted CBOs linked with Banks for financial and non-financial services like low-cost-interest loans to farmers and crop insurance against the risks like drought, flood, cyclones, fire, and diseases.


  • 232 families

  • Nine blocks 

  • The Area treated 467 ha 

6. Non-Pesticide Management (NPM)

The Society for the Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) supported the program under the Velugu project, which the World Bank finances. The program's objective is to promote non-pesticide management of crops, reducing the cost of cultivation. The farmers could reduce their average cost of cultivation per acre by Rs. 5,000 by adapting NPM practices.


  • 527 families 

  • 8 Villages 

  • Reduction in Cost of Cultivation Rs. 5000/acre 

7. Andhra Pradesh Community-Based Tank Management Project (APCBTMP)

The Govt of Andhra Pradesh sanctioned APCBTMP under the Tank Management Project, financed by the World Bank. In this project, selected tank-based producers have been assisted in improving their agricultural productivity, while Water Users' Associations assisted in improving tank management.


  • 2435 families

  • 8 Villages 

  • 20 MI tanks 

  • Tank Command Area  treated 1125 ha 

8. Panchayat Raj Institutions’(PRI) 

The Center for World Solidarity(CWS) funded the project to empower local panchayat bodies to implement all 29 amendments for the development of panchayats. A total of Rs 0.73 crore was spent on the project.


  • 36521 farmers 

  • 721 Villages  

9. Social Regulation on Water Management

The Center for World Solidarity, Hyderabad, funded the project with a budget outlay of Rs. 0.35 crore. The project aims to help improve water management practices in the region by introducing socially-driven regulations. The primary objective of this project is to ensure that women are involved in groundwater management by establishing social regulations.


  • 303 families 

  • 6 Villages 

  • Shared Borewells-35 nos 

  • Critical irrigation area - 40 ha

IMG_20181015_134400-1 (1).jpg
Farmer fied gathering-6-1.JPG
Coomon lands-2.JPG
Landing Page-3.jpg

10. Common Property Resource (CPR) management

The Common Property Resource Management project was supported by APPS (AnanthaParyavaranaParirakshana Samithi), an NGO network formed to develop common lands in Anantapuram jointly and with a budget of Rs 0.35 crore and  1664 families benefitted across 32 villages.


  • 1664 families 

  • 32 Villages 

  • Common lands protected -3500 ha 

11. NABARD WDF Watersheds

JJ implemented NABARD WDF Watersheds treating an area of 7200 ha in Chittoor and Anantapur Districts with a budget of Rs. 7.80 crore for six watersheds.


  • 1867 families 

  • 52 villages 

  • 6 Watersheds 

  • The area treated 7200 ha 

12. Sustainable Ground Water Management (SuGWM) project

 A Sustainable Ground Water Management Project was funded by the Center for World Solidarity, Hyderabad, at the cost of 1.04 crore to save and share groundwater with dryland farmers and supply irrigation water during critical growth stages during the cropping season.


  • 1129 families 

  • 6 Villages 

  • Shared Borewells-35 nos 

  • Critical irrigation area - 40 ha

13. Integrated Watershed Management Project (Mega Watershed)

The Government of Andhra Pradesh supported IWMP. The project aims to restore ecological balance by harnessing, conserving, and developing degraded natural resources. The three to four micro watersheds combined into a mega watershed with a budget outlay of Rs 11.37 crore.


  • 1482 families

  • 37 villages 

  • The area treated 5200 ha 


14. Common Property Resources ( CPR)

The Government of Andhra Pradesh funded the CPR project. The institutions took up commons' development through proper protection and regulation mechanism. The soil moisture conservation works were implemented through convergence with MGNREGS. The budget for the project was Rs. 3.70 crore.


  • 1935 families 

  • 37 villages 

  • The area treated 1700 ha 


15. NABARD KFW Soil Project

NABARD funded the KfW soil project to implement in existing NABARD WDF Watershed Projects. This project addressed climate change issues to restore and improve degraded soils for sustainable food production. An amount of 0.97 crore was spent on implementing the project.


  • 1482 families 

  • 8 villages 

  • No of Watersheds-3 

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IMG-20211231-WA0033 (1).jpg

16. Andhra Pradesh Drought Mitigation Project(APDMP)

The Government of Andhra Pradesh initiated APDMP to find a longer-term solution to drought mitigation. The project aims to improve farm household income and strengthen drought resilience with an estimated funding cost of Rs. 0.75 crores. The GoAP provided the funds for program implementation through a convergence of MGNREGS, RKVY, and RIDF (NABARD) funds.


  • 1482 families 

  • 8 villages 

  • 3 FPOs were formed 

  • 3 custom hiring Centers

  • Life irrigation was given for dryland crops in 124 ha. 


17.Covid-19 Dry Ration support

The project was funded by Azim Premji Foundation to provide ration support to families in the project area affected by Covid-19. The project was designed to provide necessities such as food and other essentials to families struggling to survive during the pandemic. The total amount of funding for this project was 10 lakhs.


  • 1500 families 

  • 15 villages 

19. Covid-19 Intensive Vaccination Project

With financial support from Azim Premji Foundation, JJ provided essential medical supplies and educational materials to the community to ensure they understand the importance of vaccinating as a precautionary measure. The total amount of funding for this project was 20 lakhs.


  • Covered 17 panchayats and 154 habitations 

  • 24 volunteers  trained and uploaded vaccinated data in the mobile app

  • Achieved the 98.44% of dose 1 and 93.25% of dose 2  vaccination.

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