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Success Stories


We have been committed to supporting rural communities since 1986 in their climate action, enabling them to build a more sustainable future for themselves. We aim to accelerate society's transformation into one that is climate-smart in rural villages. We believe a more prosperous future is within reach, but only if everyone plays their part today. We can see a few glimpses of the community's achievements here.

Sustainable ground water management (Surface and Ground Water ) with high participation of community for equitable ground water sharing.(SuGWM project)

DSCN8826 (3).JPG

Social regulations in water management in a village in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh- a case study on livelihood transformation


WATER FOR ALL - An inclusive approach to ground water management in Chinnaramannagaripalli Panchayath of Ananthpuram District.

SOcial Regulations Porject.JPG

Addressing climate change issues along with restoration and rehabilitation of degraded

soils for ensuring food security (NABARD KfW Soil Project )

DSCN9295 (2).JPG

The achievement of 100% vaccination in mandal (Covid-19 Intensive vaccination Project)



As a result of the severe drought in the 2019 Kharif season, all farmers who followed mono-cropping did not get good yields and income. I had a good income compared to other farmers due to adopting the NAVADHANYA cropping system, which is more helpful in coping with climate change

D.Venkatamal Reddy, Gandhodivaripalli Village

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