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"Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have"

Why we need Sustainable Health System


India is transforming various aspects, such as economics, demographics, and health. While the last decade has seen remarkable economic development, particularly in gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, unfortunately, this progress is accompanied by growing disparities between the rich and the poor. Strong evidence suggests that this income inequality or difference between the different socioeconomic  classes is associated with worse health outcomes. 


Widening the gap between the rich and the poor has damaging health and social consequences. While the Government is implementing financial inclusion and social security measures to bridge economic inequalities, the health sector must adequately address health disparities between and among social and economic classes. 


India has made significant progress in its healthcare sector, with an increase in life expectancy and a decrease in infant and under-five mortality rates. Several diseases, such as polio, guinea worm disease, yaws, and tetanus, have been eradicated. 

However, infectious diseases are expected to remain a significant public health problem, with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, neglected tropical diseases, and vector-borne diseases posing a substantial threat to national and international health security. 

Non communicable diseases are now the leading cause of death in India, with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic pulmonary diseases being the most common. These diseases share four common risk factors: tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diet, and lack of physical activity. Antimicrobial resistance is also a significant challenge that needs to be addressed. 

The Organization has been implementing the APSACS Project (HIV AIDS) with support from NACO through theGovernment of Andhra Pradesh since 2008 in Kadiri and Penukonda mandals and doing HIV prevention activities. 

When it comes to providing the necessary medicines, our focus is on ensuring the safety of our clients. In addition to that, we also aim to promote safe sex practices by offering condoms to those who need them. We work exclusively with high-risk groups and have a team of peer educators and outreach workers who help us identify members of the critical population who are at risk. This allows us to provide targeted interventions tailored to each group's unique needs.  

We organize regular meetings and health checkups for highrisk groups to ensure our clients are healthy and cared for. This helps us stay on top of potential health issues and provide the necessary support and care. 


The Organization has been implementing the APSACS Project (HIV AIDS) with support from NACO through theGovernment of Andhra Pradesh since 2008 in Kadiri and Penukonda mandals and doing HIV prevention activities. 

Our Organization will be a part of International AIDS Day and International Candle Light Memorial Day and create awareness about HIV prevention measures and involve district administration and health department officials in our efforts. Our team works tirelessly to organize stalls and awareness workshops in various educational institutions and inspire people to take action towards preventing HIV. 

The Organization achieved significant milestones in our efforts to promote better health and well-being for high-risk members. Our diligent efforts identified 3812 high risk members and provided them with the support and resources needed to stay safe and healthy. Additionally, we were ablt to minimize the spread of sexually transmitted infections and control the spread of HIV, helping to ensure that highrisk members can live their lives to the fullest without the fear of these severe conditions.  

We remain committed to providing our members with the highest level of care and support and will continue to work tirelessly to promote better health outcomes for all. 

In 2020, our Organization significantly impacted the project areas by providing dry ration support to families affected by Covid. This initiative was instrumental in helping those struggling to make ends meet during a challenging and uncertain time.  

Our recent achievements in the convergence with the Health Department have been impressive. We were able to select and train a group of volunteers from the local panchayat on vaccination. They have been doing an excellent job of spreading awareness about the importance of vaccination.  

We also organized several awareness meetings and convinced many members of the hesitating community to get vaccinated. Additionally, we have been addressing location-specific problems linked to hesitation towards vaccination, which has been crucial in our efforts to promote vaccination and ensure a healthier community. 

The Organization has successfully recruited and trained 24 volunteers who are tirelessly involved in intensive vaccination programs in  17 panchayats and 154 habitations. These volunteers were equipped with mobile apps to collect the household data and documented it meticulously in their registers.  

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we have achieved 98.44% of dose 1 and 93.25% of dose two vaccination. We are grateful for their efforts and look forward to continuing our mission of serving the community. 

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The Framework

  • We provide quality health services to vulnerable populations to prevent diseases like HIV / AIDS and drive change to equitable health systems and Hygiene education. 

  • Our tireless efforts aim to improve healthcare access and strengthen health systems to reach the most vulnerable populations, leaving no one behind.  

  • We focus on promoting quality health services, disease prevention measures and driving change to ensure comprehensive and equitable health systems through capacity development.  

  • We prioritize collaboration with governments, civil society, and the private 

  • sector to ensure everyone can access affordable health services of the best quality. 

  • Our Organization is dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to quality healthcare regardless of their financial situation.  

  • We strongly believe in providing comprehensive information about government healthcare programs to people experiencing poverty.

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